This is NEDIS

With over 30 years of experience, we are one of Europe’s market leaders in consumer electronics and accessories. As branded wholesaler, we carry nine own brands and we distribute over 300 other brands, including exclusive and licensed ones. We currently employ over 350 people, spread over local representatives in 17 countries, and supply over 50,000 retailers and e-tailers in over 50 countries. We offer excellent value for money, competitive delivery service and an innovative range of products. Our business revolves around committed partnerships throughout the whole supply chain resulting in money-making opportunities for all partners involved. Combined with ambition and thirty years of experience, we are the most committed and reliable partner to give resellers the selling power they deserve.

Mission / vision

NEDIS gives you selling power!

Our Vision

At NEDIS, we want to be the best of the best in the market of consumer electronics and accessories with excellent margins of profit. We want to achieve this through operational excellence and by offering end users a wide range of products through our wide network of dedicated resellers. 
We strongly believe that the greatest success is rooted in mutual partnership, gained through reliable and powerful cooperation. Because, only through working closely together, constantly exchanging ideas and challenges, we keep ourselves and our partners sharp and focused.

Our goal

Because of our strong belief in the benefits of mutual partnership, we include every partner in our ongoing search for the best solutions and money-making opportunities. Therefore, we do not simply work for our partners; we work with them, with the highest respect for everyone involved.
Only by working closely together, throughout the whole supply chain, we can look at our industry and its ample opportunities from multiple angles. This broader view provides us and our partners with inspiring and innovative tools and industry-leading solutions that keep our industry healthy and our business successful.

Our future

Our future will revolve around strengthening our role as a well-known international player, with a pole position in the market of consumer electronics and accessories. To achieve this, we will invest in even more successful selling power by focusing on smart innovations and by offering even more strategic positioned brands. We will provide you with even better margins and more sales enhancing possibilities. And last but not least: we will give you and all our other appreciated partners the utmost selling power.