5 ways to selling power

We have defined five ways to improve the selling power of our partners. By honouring mutual partnership, maintaining a strong assortment, supporting daily business, maximising store revenue and tipping the consumers’ scales, we can assure an increase in selling power and your success. Discover how we can boost your sales.

Strong assortment

NEDIS has an up-to-date and extensive stock of strategic positioned brands and categories in all sizes, shapes, forms, qualities and for every budget, branded with our own names, as well as those of well-known labels. On a deeper level you will find all kinds of cables and connectors, computer and energy products, consumer electronics, A/V accessories, photo and digital TV accessories, security products and domestic appliances. In just one stop you can shop it all and if ordered before 4.00 p.m. have it shipped to your store within 48 hours. Ensuring you will always meet your customer’s needs, online and offline. With an easy accessible assortment of brands and products that is just as broad as it is deep, you will never have to sell your customer ‘no’.